Our members track and maintain bluebird nest boxes to contribute to conservation of this beloved species and other cavity nesters.

Christmas Bird Count

Our members fan out across the New River Valley to count and log species for this important annual survey.

Chimney Swift Tower

The NRV Bird Club was one of many community partners to pledge funds to build a chimney swift tower to replace a 1950s era chimney at McHarg Elementary School in Radford that hosted an annual nesting colony of this declining migratory species. Your dues help support these and other conservation projects across Virginia.

Organizations we support

Virginia Society of Ornithology

Since 1929, VSO has worked to conserve, research, and educate across the state in support of birds and their habitats. Today VSO supports research projects, including nesting studies, and winter bird population surveys, provides grants to community bird conservation projects, and scholarships to youth, undergraduate, and graduate research projects under the direction of university faculty. VSO also supports study and education opportunities for minority and underserved youth. The organization publishes a range of scientific and lay-friendly journals, magazines, and other information. The NRV Bird Club is a chapter of VSO.

Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center

A tax-exempt nonprofit and state and federally licensed veterinary hospital and wildlife rehabilitation facility that offers quality care and veterinary treatment to native wildlife of the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas. A team of veterinarians and professional wildlife rehabilitators provides care for injured and orphaned wildlife. It is one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in Virginia, treating more than 2,600 animals a year, and is one of three wildlife veterinary hospitals in the commonwealth.

Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory

A tax-exempt nonprofit that conducts and supports studies of birds and butterflies. The organization contributes findings to databases that share information with partners, researchers, decision-makers, and the public. Teams focus on songbirds, raptors, butterflies, waterbirds, and education. CVWO also provides small grants to graduate students and employs seasonal biologists.

Kiptopeke State Park Hawk Watch

The park's wheelchair-accessible elevated hawkwatch platform provides one of the finest sites in the Americas to view migrating birds of prey. The Kiptopeke Hawkwatch, operated by Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory (CVWO), counts raptors annually during fall migration. American Kestrel, Osprey, Cooper’s Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Merlin, and Peregrine Falcon are some of the birds that can be seen here. 

American Bird Conservancy

The American Bird Conservancy is dedicated to conserving wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. With an emphasis on achieving results and working in partnership, ABC takes on the greatest problems facing birds today, innovating and building on rapid advancements in science to halt extinctions, protect habitats, eliminate threats, and build capacity for bird conservation.

The American Chestnut Foundation

Since 1983, TACF has worked to develop a blight-resistant American chestnut tree through scientific research and breeding and to restore the tree to its native forests along the eastern United States.