NRV Bird Club Dues Payment & Information

Annual Dues: September 1 - August 31

Dues Collected from Sept 1 to Dec 31

Membership Year - 2022-2023

TODAY’S DATE ___________

Name #1 _________________________________________

Preferred Email Address _____________________________

Preferred Phone _____________________ Home__ Mobile__

Name #2_________________________________________

Preferred Email Address______________________________

Preferred Phone # 1 __________________Home__ Mobile__

Names of additional family members____________________

In which town or county do you reside?__________________

New Member?_____Renewal?_____

___Student ($10) ___Individual ($15) ___Family ($20)

Circle Payment Method Check Cash

Circle Amount Paid $10 $15 $20 Other____

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Join in person at our monthly meeting or mail to:

NRVBC/Jana Ruble PO Box 361 Blacksburg, VA 24063

Make check payable to NRV Bird Club